Students (and Teachers) as Creators of Content - Digital Storytelling and Beyond

When: Session Five: Sunday 12:30pm–2:00pmWhere: Room 308Who: Samantha Morra Affiliation: Montclair Public Schools, Montclair NJ.Conversational Focus/Audience: All School Levels

Conversation Description:
Digital storytelling, podcasting, Flash animation, Scratch, etc are just a few powerful tools to create content or the web. The list is tremendous! This conversation will discuss current thoughts on creating and creativity, focus on best practices and explore some of these amazing tools.

Movies, advertisements, and all other visual media are tools teachers need to use and media we must master if we are to maintain our credibility in the coming years. —Jim Burke

If people aren’t taught the language of sound and images, shouldn’t they be considered as illiterate as if they left college without being able to read or write?” —George Lucas